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Welcome to the Project Pages for the Hoccleve Regiment of Princes Archive

This site represents a first attempt to develop the infrastructure for a collaborative digital critical edition of Thomas Hoccleve's fifteenth-century English poem, the Regiment of Princes. This edition will be unique in its pedagogical focus and in its ability to expand over time with the help of its users. Our goal is to provide the opportunity and means for those who are working and teaching in the field to contribute to this first critical edition of the poem by using the processes involved in editing medieval texts as "teachable moments" for their lesson plans. We seek to involve students and scholars alike in the transcription, mark-up, and collation work central to editing and textual scholarship.

Please explore the Contents below to learn more about our plans for the Hoccleve Archive Project. We are working to provide enough background and context for students who are new to the project and medieval studies in general. The "Archive" link will connect to our growing repository of existing editorial research on the Regiment of Princes, including manuscript images and variation tables for each of the forty-three known manuscripts of the poem. The "Edition/Teaching Tool" link will connect to our launching pad for the hypertext variorum edition of the poem. We are in the process of designing a tool accessible from this site that will allow scholars and students to use the resources in the "Archive" to contribute to the ongoing process of marking-up and enriching the edition of the text. Eventually this site will also contain sample curricula and lesson plans.

Ultimately this project will provide a tool for teaching modern students about the nature of writing and publishing before the age of the printing press, offering undergraduate students practical ways to understand the historical context of medieval literature in a familiar online environment. It will also provide scholars the ability to study parallel materials from disparate American and U.K. archives in one place.


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