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Illustration of the Archive's Functionality

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One focus of "The Hoccleve Regiment of Princes Archive: An Online Critical Edition and Digital Editing Teaching Tool" is to preserve the hardcopy manuscript collation data compiled for Charles Blyth's edition of the poem (listed in attached bibliography). Preservation will entail scanning this data, which is organized into tables, into image files and then publishing these files online in a meaningful context that can eventually be used as raw material for the Teaching Tool's editing exercises. This context will be established by linking each table to its correlating line of the poem in a transcription of Blyth's edition. This pairing will then be linked to images of the manuscript pages from which they were derived. Eventually, this material will be formatted for the "frames" interface of web browsers.

For example, if a reader wishes to examine the collation data and manuscript images associated with line 4277 of the poem, she would be able to use the line numbers in one frame to scroll rapidly through the transcript of the edition in a parallel frame. Once she comes to line 4277, which Blyth's edition represents as "That gold with him nat hadde be so ryf," she would be able to click on the text of the line to make the image of the collation table for that line appear in a third frame parallel to the transcript:


By zooming in on the collation data for all the manuscript versions of this line, the reader will quickly be able to notice that most medieval versions of the line are different from the edition. In the copy of the poem held by Chicago's Newberry Library (Ne) for instance, the line reads "So goldid as Y now espye and see."


Then, in order to verify the accuracy of the collation table and to examine the original manuscript contexts for the variant versions of the line, the reader would be able to navigate from the collation table to an archive of manuscript images that are associated with that line, zooming in as necessary.

(Chicago, Newberry Library, MS 33.7, fol. 62r)


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