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The Hoccleve Archive is a collection of resources meant to advance the study of this fifteenth-century London-based poet and his works. The Archive is being developed by Hoccleve scholars, the University of Texas Digital Repository, and the Texas Digital Library, and is supported in part by the International Hoccleve Society. The Archive features digitizations of manuscript collation data sheets compiled during the last attempt to produce a complete critical edition of the Regiment of Princes, lexical data files that were used in the first computer-aided analysis of Hoccleve's holograph works, data from new textual analyses of Hoccleve's works, and a catalog of physical materials (both hard-copy and microform) formerly in the collection of Charles Blyth that support this digital archive.

Please explore the pages and sub-pages through the tabs located at the top and bottom of each page throughout the site. Use the About tab to learn more about our plans for the Hoccleve Archive Project as well as its current postings and holdings. For students who are new to Hoccleve, we hope eventually to provide background and context on the poet, his known history and time period, and the genres associated with his works under Resources; the section will also include lists of print and online resources related to Hoccleve and his milieu. The Projects list includes a number of our major initiatives, including the Archive of our growing repository of editorial research on the Regiment of Princes, which itself includes variation tables for each of the forty-three known manuscripts of the poem and manuscript images. The Teaching Tools page will be our launching pad for a proposed hypertext variorum edition of the Regiment. We are in the process of designing a tool accessible from this site that will allow scholars and students to use the resources in the Archive to contribute to the ongoing process of marking-up and enriching the edition of the text. This part of the site will also contain sample curricula and lesson plans for incorporating the Archive's materials into courses on textual studies, late Middle English literature, medieval lit/cultural surveys, and more!

While we hope the Hoccleve Archive will remain in a state of continuous expansion and development, its purposes will always be both pedagogical and scholarly. We wish to provide a tool for teaching modern students about the nature of writing and publishing before the age of the printing press. We wish to offer undergraduate and graduate students practical ways to understand the historical context of medieval literature in a familiar online environment. We also wish to provide Hoccleve scholars with a central site where they can meet, share ideas, access heretofore unpublished textual data, publish digital materials that support their work published in other venues, view materials from disparate American and U.K. archives, and collaborate in the ongoing study, mark-up, preservation, and promotion of Hoccleve's texts.

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